Daddy, why are you always on the phone? What’s the point of coming to see you when you’re always on the phone?”

Isn’t that just a sentence to crush you?!

It came from my then, 8 year old Jace, and those words changed my life.

Let’s roll back to the beginning…

My passion for coaching, training and educating came via my love for tennis. My life as a kid was consumed by it – watching it…playing it. But it remained just that, a passion. That is until I was 18.

Suddenly, my passion became my livelihood after I was made redundant while training to be a surveyor. Thankfully, I was offered the chance to set up a coaching centre right after the redundancy news. It was the start of a career I loved and one that spanned 20 years!

Then — a mere 32,000 hours of coaching later! — I got my first real job as an employee. For four years, I worked as a Lawn Tennis Association development officer, covering everything from educating coaches and club finance through to planning applications and facility development.

Time to go it alone again…

After leaving the LTA in 2009, I set up a micro-business providing coaches to local clubs and schools. To provide the best available to the clubs and schools I helped those coaches improve their marketing and how they delivered their services. The business soon grew to include an online training product and joint ventures.

In all, I built four enterprises that exceeded £10k a month in revenue, and the satisfaction was enormous.

It was at this point that Jace knocked the phone out of my hand. It was clear the price I was paying was too high.

We were in Richmond Park, on her eighth birthday. I was in the middle of a conversation on one phone, and my other phone rang. So I let go of Jace’s hand to answer it. The phone never reached my ear. Instead, it flew over my head into a bush as Jace knocked it out of my hand. It’s probably still there.

And that’s when she asked the question that prompted huge but incredibly positive changes in my life: ‘Daddy, why are you always on the phone? What’s the point of coming to see you when you’re always on the phone?’

It was then that I mentally, and soon after, physically walked away from the business that I’d allowed to take over my life. And in 2013 I set up my current business.

Now, I have a business that serves others as well as funding my lifestyle…

I help businesses owners – like you! – take the actions that will make their business succeed and improve their work/life balance.

It’s called The Business Clubhouse, and it’s the first step in a savvy business owner’s journey into getting help.  Something many business owners think is out of reach financially.

Some of you will want to progress to my Mastermind Groups or even 1:1 coaching as your business expands. But many find The Business Clubhouse is the perfect tool to help them grow their business and adopt the attitude necessary to be a successful business owner.

I’ll never get tired of it. The positivity in our  community. The enthusiasm of the team that helps me. The pride (for me) when I can see I’ve made a difference to lives and businesses. And the satisfaction members feel when they achieve success. It’s exhilarating.

The ‘perfect life’ will be different for each of us, of course.

For me, getting the balance right means regular date nights with my wife, lots of gym time, football days, and plenty of golf. We have at least seven holidays a year, and we live in a beautiful cottage next to an orchard. I get to walk the dog whenever I want, and you’ll often find me chopping wood for the open fire, just because I can!

My weekends with Jace are sacrosanct.

I’m not a millionaire and nor do I want to be one. Life, for me, is about planning for the future. It’s about learning from the past, and — most of all — living in the present.

This isn’t about limiting beliefs but an understanding that there are more things in my life than just making money.

I am passionate about building a community where business owners can access first-class support, coaching and mentoring and be able to say they have their dream life too.

Does taking small, consistent actions that will improve your business and let you achieve your dream life sound like the perfect solution for you? Don’t waste a single second more wondering why you’re working 24/7 but your business isn’t succeeding.

Because it can and it will. I’ll show you how, with a little hard work, and focus on the right things; you can succeed.

A few things you might not know about me…

  • This has to be the first on the list – I often ask Josie, who’s now nearly 18, why she bothers to see me as she’s always on her phone! Karma.
  • Those football days out are with my beloved Queens Park Rangers
  • I have three tattoos, the most recent addition to celebrate my marriage to Kay
  • I love coffee and hate tea
  • My golf handicap is 15
  • I once slept in my car
  • I can’t swim, or dance, or sing
  • I think I might be addicted to splitting wood
  • I love cooking but making curry is not my strongest point
  • And my biggest positive influence? My sister. She died in a car crash in 2001. She made people laugh, every day.  She still does.