Ash Taylor – Business Coach

Achieving your business goals is what I focus on, whatever they are.

Like You, I’m a business owner.  I’ve spent most of the last three decades building businesses, growing teams, making stuff happen; first in the sports sector, and then in the business-building world. – you can find out more about me, my background, experience and what makes me tick here.

I’ve had a lot of success which I’m rightly proud of and a fair few failures too – which have given me as much experience as the successes.

You’ll be working with someone who’s done what you’re doing (and still is).  You can be confident that by your side is someone who has had the sleepless nights around cash-flow, built teams, created marketing assets that work like a dream and got over themselves when it comes to selling.

“My overriding reason for choosing to work with Ash was that, he holds far more credibility than a lot of other business coaches. By that, I mean, we know he can say with honesty:  “I’ve been there, and I’ve done that!”. It can be easy to say you need to do ‘this, this or this’. But unless you’ve been through that journey yourself, you can’t advise.  The big attraction when working with Ash is that he has integrity and real experience of the ups and downs of running a business. He’s done it, and he’s continuing to do it”. – Robin Adams, Perfect Blend Marketing, Client since 2017

Business Coaching

So, what am I really good at?

Coaching people to achieve their aims, whatever those aims are.

And yes, I said coaching people.  Because that’s how people get results.

My background is in professional sports and in all my years coaching tennis, I never once coached a tennis racket or a ball – it was always the player of the game.

It’s the same in business – whatever you do, whatever you sell and whoever you sell it to, you’re the bit we’ve got to get right.

Because when we do, good things will happen.

Maybe you want a massive business, and millions of pounds of income.

Or maybe you just want to stop worrying about money and start spending more time on the golf course/running/hanging out with the kids/going on holiday without checking emails (tick all that apply).

Whatever your goal, my job is to coach you towards it.  It’s what I’ve been doing for most of my life.

Business coaching is about pushing your buttons through questioning to help you dig out the answers you already have.  You’re smart – you know your stuff; I’ll help you dig it out.

“Ash just got us — what we do and why we do it.  He always keeps questioning you and getting you to ask yourself the difficult ones.  He’s committed to giving maximum value at every meeting, and he’ll also go out of his way to introduce you to other professionals who can help you move your business forward.  Our business has doubled in profit and we’re able to leave it for weeks at a time to enjoy our place in Spain”. –  Dean & Marie Haywood, Five Star Furnishing Care, Client since 2017

Business Mentoring

I get asked this a lot – what’s the difference between Business Coaching and Business Mentoring?

The simple answer is that a Coach will ask you the right questions to help you find your way to the answers you already know.

A mentor is someone who shares their knowledge, skills and/or experience, to help you and your business develop and grow.

I’ve mentored countless numbers of aspiring sports coaches and business owners.  This has involved sharing what I’ve done, what’s worked as well as what hasn’t.  It’s not about taking short cuts but leaning on relevant and practical “been there-done it” experience.

As well as my own clients I’m an associate with Learning Management International UK, a worldwide organisation delivering world class leadership training for you, your team and your organisation. 

“I was fascinated at how Ash challenged me.  working with him has been fantastic.  He’s helped me build a team, dig into my numbers effectively, and get real clarity in the business.  I’m so grateful – he’s phenomenal.  I’m now confident and in control and the business is making more profit than I ever thought possible”. – Rachael Naylor, The Voice Over Network, Client since 2019.

Business Advisor

Business Coaching and Mentoring both have their place.  Sometimes you have to cut to the chase and offer advice.

To my mind, it seems foolish to take the long way round to find a solution when your own experience is screaming “do this”.  There’s a time and a place for this and sometimes it’s appropriate to deliver advice that is relevant without considering individual circumstances or the situation.  The game of Business has rules you need to follow whether you like it or not!

You’re smart.  You’re brave.  You know your business and your industry.  I won’t ever pretend to know more about what you do than you do.  But – everyone who’s successful whether that’s in professional sport, music, art, or business has a coach, mentor or advisor.  Sometimes all three.

So, Why have a Business Coach?

Ash Taylor Business Coach

  • Tiger Woods – has a coach
  • Oprah Winfrey – had a coach
  • The England Lionesses – have a coach
  • Barrack Obama – had a coach
  • Roger Federer – has a coach
  • Eric Schmidt – had a coach
  • Steve Jobs – had a coach

Success leaves clues…

Clients come in all shapes and sizes.  Couples who’ve run their businesses for 20 years through to owner managers who are earlier in their journey. They ALL share a willingness to learn, an ability to share their own experiences with others and a growth mindset – oh, I almost forgot – they ALL like to have fun.

I don’t work with mood hoovers, people looking for quick solutions or anywhere I must wear a suit.

If you want success, in a form that matters to you.  If you want to find out just how good you can be and as a bonus,  hang around people who will challenge and support you. then let’s chat.

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“Ash is such an easy person to talk to. But in my opinion his strongest quality is his ability to listen.

By listening he’s then able to share his expertise and opinions based on what’s appropriate for you. His advice makes you think differently. He encourages you to have your own ideas but then suggests how you can look at them alternatively.

I would definitely recommend Ash. He changed our business for the better.

He’s a ‘man of his word’ because we have done what we set out to do; which was to initially grow from four to five figures and get above the VAT threshold within six months.  We’ve grown from a team of 2 to 22 and now we’re generating as much profit per month as we were generating in revenue per year.” – Tom Welbourne, The Good Marketer, Client since 2018 

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