Hi, I'm Ash Taylor

I'm a business coach helping business owners craft a business that gives them the life and success that’s important to them...

Running a business on your own is hard. Growing it is tougher.

You’re the owner, the manager, the creative influence. You’re the marketer, the salesman, the tea boy. You’re the book-keeper, the postman, the receptionist. You’re writing the proposals, fulfilling the work, and invoicing the customer.

You know you’re over promising and under delivering, and you hate that. It’s not what you intended when you set out to be your own boss.

You have a finite earning capacity, and you can’t leave your business to go on holiday because it’s all about you. You answer every phone call, ‘just in case’, and days go by where you’re so busy, but you don’t achieve anything.

You’re aware that despite the hours you put in, you’re not seeing the rewards. Your friends with jobs have bigger houses, faster cars, more holidays, and are less stressed. Maybe you’d be better going back to a job.

You’re never truly present when you’re with friends and family because you just can’t switch off.  Most of your friends don’t ‘get it’, and think because you work so hard, you must be on your way to being a millionaire. Your partner often becomes frustrated with you, despite that you’re doing everything you can to balance work and time off.

Time to enjoy what your business should be delivering is non-existent. Family, friends, holidays and recharging is missing from your life. When you do get time, you’re distracted and feel guilty that you’re not at work.

When you’re at work, you feel guilty for not being at home.

You believe your business should be more than it is. That it should function more smoothly, more profitably, and not stop delivering if you’re not there. You know this because you see it working for other business owners.

It’s not about earning millions. It’s about your business working for you. Delivering you and your family a lifestyle that you can enjoy.

Compared to other business owners, you don’t feel very successful.

It’s ok to not have all the answers

It’s ok to feel overwhelmed. (sometimes!)

It’s ok to want help to make changes 

Why work with me on one of my Programmes or Masterminds…

I know you’re brilliant at what you do.  You know that talent doesn’t always mean you have the skills to run and grow your business.  You can’t be expected to know it all.  Think of me as your business ‘architect’.  Someone to help you step back, create a plan and lay proper foundations for you to build your business on.

Unlike other coaches, I don’t focus on just the numbers and mechanics of your business. I look at you, looking at what YOU are doing in your business, I’ll show you why you’re getting the results that you’re currently getting. We can then work together where I’ll show you alternatives to help you get to where you want to be.

Whilst I am constructively direct, I avoid feeding you any kind of bullsh*t. Our focus will be on getting you where you want to be as a person, and then structuring the business around that.

Together, we’ll keep your attention on ensuring your activities are congruent with the goals that you’ve set for yourself, and your business.  We’ll create effective business ‘habits’ that will allow you to step away from your business, for a few hours, for a few days, for a week… without the guilt.

By being a part of one of my programmes, you’ll be surrounded with other business owners. You’ll see that you’re not on your own, your problems are not unique, and we can definitely find solutions to any challenges you encounter. We’ll also reassure you on the things that you can let go of in your business, and push you towards doing the activities you’ll need for running a successful business.

In our mastermind groups, we’ll use actual numbers from your business so that the entire group can see exactly where you are, and help you stick to your plan.  I even use simple ‘gamification’ to make the process of beating your own targets fun, so that you want to do better each month!

Once you start making some progress, you’ll have an environment where you can share and enjoy your successes with people who appreciate what you’re doing and how far you’ve come.

Reasons why you wouldn’t want to work with me…

1) You’re not prepared to do something different

The behaviours and activities you’ve taken up until now have got you to this point. If you’d like to be somewhere different, then you need to take different actions and implement new behaviours. If you’re not open to doing something new (and possibly uncomfortable), then you’re not a good fit for one of my programmes. I only work with open-minded business owners who are prepared to do what it takes to get themselves to where they WANT to be.

2) You’re not willing to share

A key part of the process is you must share. You’ll need to share numbers and the truth about what’s going on in your business. You’ll get the most from your groups by being open and vulnerable. Please don’t worry, the group will keep everything secret… but if you’re closed and guarded, we won’t be able to help you.

Ok Ash, this sounds interesting… what’s next?

The next step for you is a simple one. I’d really like to speak to you!

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On the call, I’ll get some insight into you and your business, work out if we’re a good match for each other, and if so, what programme would give you the best progress based on where you are right now. To get started, just click on the button above!