About Ash

‘Daddy, why are you always on the phone?’

It was my daughter Josie who made me realise that something had to change.

We were in the middle of Richmond Park, on her eighth birthday.

In the middle of a conversation on one phone, my other phone rang. So I let go of Josie’s hand to answer it.

The phone never reached my ear. Instead, it flew over my head into a bush as Josie knocked it out of my hand. It’s probably still there.

‘Why are you always on the phone, Daddy? What’s the point of coming to see you when you’re always on the phone?’

Those words changed my life.

But let’s roll back to the beginning…

My passion for coaching and consulting came via tennis. When I was growing up, my life revolved around tennis, watching it, playing it. But it remained just that — a passion — until I was 18.

I was training to become a surveyor when I was made redundant and offered the chance to set up a coaching centre. At that point, my passion became my livelihood and turned into a career that spanned the next 20 years.

Then — a mere 32,000 hours of coaching later! — I got my first real job as an employee. I worked for four years as a Lawn Tennis Association development officer, covering everything from educating coaches and club finance through to planning applications and facility development.

Time to go it alone again…

After leaving the LTA in 2009, I began by setting up my own micro-business providing coaches to local clubs and schools. I helped improve their marketing and how they delivered their services. The business soon grew to include an online training product and joint ventures.

In all, I built four enterprises that exceeded £10k a month in revenue and the satisfaction was enormous.

But the price I paid was too high: it was at this point that Josie knocked the phone out of my hand.

I walked away from the business that I’d allowed to take over my life and in 2013 became a full-time business consultant and coach.

Now I have my dream business and my dream life

I run Mastermind Groups and 1:1 coaching, but I know I come alive when working with groups. The chemistry within each group, the camaraderie and support, the sense of belonging to a like-minded community. I get to make a real difference to these people; help them find their own work-life balance, the one that’s right for them. And I get real joy from helping business owners who have so much to offer but are so stuck they can’t see a way forward.

That said, I only work with open-minded business owners, entrepreneurs who are prepared to tell the truth about what’s going on in their business. And prepared to do the work needed to change.

For me, getting the balance right now means regular date nights with my wife, lots of gym time, football days, and plenty of golf. We have at least seven holidays a year, we live in a beautiful cottage next to an orchard, I get to walk the dog whenever I want, and you’ll often find me chopping wood for the open fire.

My weekends with Josie are sacrosanct.

I have my dream home now, I have my dream business now, and I live my dream life now.

I’m not a millionaire and nor do I want to be one. Life for me is about planning for the future, learning from the past, and — most of all — living in the present.

And I am passionate about building a community where business owners can access first-class support, coaching and mentoring.

Does this sound like something you’d like to explore? You can join me in a few ways, just find the one that suits your need, your time and of course, your budget.

The Clubhouse Online: a HUGE vault of inspiration and knowledge gathered over my twelve years of coaching!

The Clubhouse: All of the above, plus monthly meetings with me and fellow likeminded business owners. I guarantee this will positively change how you manage your business and will fast track your personal growth as a  business owner. It’s a perfect, cost-effective way to explore how working with a business coach can bring benefits you never though possible!

You can see more details on how to join us, even if only for a “test drive” here.

If you prefer the 1:1 approach, then Please schedule a free call and we’ll use the time to find out if we’re a good fit and how we’d work best together.

A few things you might not know…

  • Those football days out are with my beloved Queens Park Rangers
  • I have two tattoos and recently got a third to celebrate my marriage 
  • I love coffee and hate tea
  • My golf handicap is 15
  • I once slept in my car
  • I often ask Josie — who’s now nearly 17 — why she bothers to see me as she’s always on her phone!
  • I can’t swim, or dance, or sing
  • I think I might be addicted to splitting wood
  • I love cooking but making curry is not my strongest point
  • My sister died in 2001 in a car crash. She made people laugh, every day.  She still does.