Ash Taylor

You might want to know a bit about my background, experience, values and whether we’d be a good fit…

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Ash Taylor – Business Coach

Ash Taylor - Business Coach

in 2013 I set up my current business – The Business Clubhouse.   I get to do what I’d always done – Coach.  But, without running at the same time.

This is my space and I never get tired of it.  The enthusiasm of my clients and the satisfaction they feel when they achieve success. It’s exhilarating.

I’m passionate about working with business owners so they can access first-class support, coaching and mentoring and be able to say they have their dream life too.

Ash Taylor Tennis

My passion for coaching, training and educating came via my love for tennis. My life as a kid was consumed by it – watching it…playing it.

Helping set up a community Tennis centre in South London as an 18-year old, taught me about door to door selling, the power of 18 hour days and retention.  This led to a role at a David Lloyd Club where I managed budgets, acquired sponsors, did cold calling, and took over a non functioning team turning it into one of the most profitable in the country.

Being head coach at a private members club brought an introduction to politics, where I managed volunteers, collaborated with competitors and built seven winning teams.  This led to four years working as Lawn Tennis Association development officer, covering everything from mentoring coaches and complex finance through to planning applications, facility development, creating national club-school links and managing high performance teams.

All of these roles included coaching, every day, taking multiple qualifications, honing my skills, practising and learning about coaching styles, people psychology, motivation and why people succeed and fail.

Ash Taylor – Business Owner

Other than my time at the LTA I’d been self employed since I was 18.  In 2009 I started a business providing coaches to local clubs and schools. We worked with those clubs and coaches to improve their marketing, how they delivered their services to grow their client base and improve facilities. 

I found myself with team of 27 and dozens of casual staff working across twelve sites across three counties with 1000’s of customers.  This was alongside an online international licence business, a growing Coach Education service where my mentoring skills were developing and a community business working with people with learning difficulties and the GB hearing impaired squad amongst others.

Work Life Balance

in 2012 I was winning awards but losing the relationship with my daughter, friends and myself.

It was clear the price I was paying for all the success was too high.

The core business came crashing down around my ears.  The others were robust and sustainable but at the end of 2013 I walked away from Tennis, for good.

Some of you reading this will think “what a so and so” – and you know what?  I’m alright with that.  I’m not for everyone, nor do I want to be.  My clients are few but engaged.  They come back month after month, year after year – with no contracts – they’re the people I focus on – and many of them are NOT sports fans!

Jump on a call with me if I sound like the sort of person who can help you – there’s no pressure!

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A few things you might not know about Ash Taylor…

Ash Taylor chopping wood

  • Those football days out are with my beloved Queens Park Rangers
  • I have a 21 year old daughter, who’s the best person I know
  • I have three tattoos, the most recent addition to celebrate my marriage to Kay
  • I love coffee and hate tea
  • My golf handicap is 15
  • I once slept in my car
  • I can’t swim, or dance, or sing
  • I think I might be addicted to splitting wood
  • I love cooking but making curry is not my strongest point

Finally my biggest positive influence? My sister. She died in a car crash in 2001. I miss her so much, she made people laugh, every day.  She still does!

Please don’t hesitate to contact me here.