Business Growth Programme

What is it?

This programme will give you simple, easy to implement methods to improve and grow your business.

It combines learning, implementation support, mentoring and Mastermind Principles to work on building a robust business and improving profits.

Over the last twelve years, I’ve helped hundreds of business owners increase profits, reduce working hours and deliver a better service.  This teaching, accountability and support programme will help you learn and implement what you need to have a business that can fund your lifestyle.

Who is it for?

This programme is for business owner local to Chalfont St Giles and surrounding areas.

The programme is for you if you’re feeling stuck and want to do something about it.  It’s for you if you want to share ideas and be part of a community that will help you achieve your goals.  It’s for you if you’re frustrated at a lack of progress and perhaps, feeling resentful of a business that should be delivering more.

You’ll be the sort of person that wants a business that doesn’t need you all the time; that continues to grow when you’re on holiday and you feel safe leaving.

What will you learn?

Just some of the topics we’ll cover are:

  • Maximising profit
  • Capacity
  • Productivity
  • Knowing your numbers (the ones your accountant doesn’t know)
  • Knowing your numbers (the ones you should be getting from your accountant)
  • Understanding your customer
  • Getting feedback and testimonials
  • The Customer Journey
  • Risks and Opportunities
  • The 1% sales map
  • The Profit matrix
  • Outsourcing
  • Following up
  • What your job really is
  • Dealing with staff

…. and more….

A typical meeting…

Each month we’ll combine a mixture of group learning and work together to understand how  each topic can be applied in your business. There will be an opportunity to get help from the group on any challenges or opportunities you may be currently facing.  These will be done using ‘hotseat’ sessions.

  • 8.30 – 9 Arrive
  • 9 – 9.30 meet and greet
  • 9.30 – 12 monthly topic

At the moment, the meetings are during the day.  If you can’t take time out from your business once a month, you don’t have a business – you own a job….

A snapshot…

  • Monthly half day meetings to maintain momentum
  • Two larger events in August and December
  • Mornings jam packed full of content aimed at growing your business
  • Secret Facebook groups for support in between the meetings
  • Meetings at easy to reach venue with all we need to deliver great content with no irritations
  • Refreshments provided so your brain and body are properly fuelled for the meeting
  • Weekly Zoom meetings to keep you moving forwards
  • No commitment beyond the first three months
  • Try the first meeting for FREE*

Dates and Venue

  • 17th January 2019
  • 14th February 2019
  • 21st March 2019
  • 2nd May 2019
  • 6th June 2019
  • 11th July 2019
  • 14th August 2019 (group event)
  • 12th September 2019
  • 10th October 2019
  • 14th November 2019
  • 11th December 2019 (group event)

The venue is Oakland Park Golf Club, details here

Okay Ash, how do I book my place?

You can try out the programme for FREE by booking your place using this link.  It’s also the link to use if you wish to bring a guest.

I’ll see you there!