Ash Taylor and his charity work

If you’ve read my story, you’ll know Ash Taylor has had the usual highs and lows of many business owners.

I’ve had it all, and I’ve had nothing. Having no choice other than to sleep in my car was a particularly low point!

But what the low points do, especially when the success does happen eventually, is humble you. You become more aware of how others are suffering. So when you’re in a position to do so, it’s a clear choice to give back.

Caring communities make us stronger

I know, with certainty, that we are better people when we unite and face problems together.

Thousands of years ago, that’s what humans did. We shared responsibilities across the community. And in doing so, the likelihood of survival was far higher.

Maybe we’ve lost a little (not all!) of that in our busy lives.

Now, I’m fortunate enough to be able to earn a living from what seems to come naturally to me and is a passion —helping others. So when I was ready to start ‘giving back’ financially, my choice was pretty easy. Rennie Grove Hospice Care.

Why Rennie Grove?

The achievements of Rennie Grove came on my radar many years ago. I immediately identified with their passion and commitment to survive, thrive and support. They work tirelessly in our local community to provide a place that gives extraordinary responsive care to adults and children, and counselling and grief support along with companionship and practical and emotional assistance to those who need it most.

I wanted in on that.

Meet Dave!

Real examples are compelling.

IMG 4941

So, meet Dave Hilling. I spoke to him at an event where he explained what Rennie Grove means to him and why they more than deserve our support. His dad was cared for, at home, by Rennie Grove nurses. Why does this matter?

He said the best thing about it was, “We could sit and watch QPR (lose again) together in his final days.”

I went up to him afterwards and said: “I understand your pain.”

He replied, “You lost your dad recently?” I said, “Four years ago, but I was talking about being a QPR fan!”

We’ve been mates since. This photo is in the pub after a game, the night before he ran the London marathon for RG. He was short of his target, but, one FB post later we made the target. A perfect example of a caring community showing support.

How Ash Taylor and The Business Clubhouse is helping

Aside from the active support through attending events and participating in fundraising activities, the easiest way for me to make a difference to Rennie Grove was to become a corporate patron.

We’ve also welcomed them as official partners of The Business Clubhouse, and they feature in our bi-monthly members’ magazine to help raise awareness of how people can get involved and support this amazing charity.

Enterprise Advisor

I also volunteer as an EA for The Beaconsfield School.  Having spent nearly 20 years mentoring, educating and developing young people it was a really exciting opportunity to share my experiences and connect the school with local business.

Using my contacts and knowledge of their businesses to match up the students in order to create great workplace experience opportunities and the chance for the students to hear from employees and business owners through talks and career sessions.

It’s a great school with a vibrant student community that’s putting potential at the heart of its values.

We’ve even started our own podcast supporting young people stepping into the world of work for the first time! Want to know more about Ash? Click here