Covid19 Resources


We’re experiencing troubled times.

I thought it would be helpful to have a one page resource of the information available and helpful people so it’s all in one place.

We’ve listed some official sites as well as gathered a group of business owners, like you who are offering their services free of charge to share the burden we’re all facing over the next couple of months.

If you have skills you’d like to offer, please, let us know and we’ll add you to the page!

Chat to me, Ash

If you want to chat, bounce some ideas off someone, need someone to talk things through with I’m always here to help.

You can book a call with me and I’ll see what I can do to help


Official Sites:

Government advice for Employees and Businesses

The Government Action Plan for the U.K.


Business Specific Support:

Government support for businesses

Up to date round up from the Institute of Chartered Accountants

HMRC helpline for the Self Employed and Businesses for Tax help and concerns

Help from Our Business Community


Mental Health and Wellbeing

Want some help with handling the stress of the current situation Jackie Kennedy is offering phone and Skype consultations as well as breathing technique and relaxing audios.  You can get hold of Jackie here


Marketing and Content

If you need help communicating with clients or want some help with finding the right words to explain how you’re shifting things in your business, Theresa Finley from Writers.Ink has offered to help articulate your email or content.


Katrina Robson can also help with Marketing ideas if you want someone to chat through plans


Email marketing not your thing?  Maybe you want to run some ideas past someone to help you reach your list more effectively?  Speak to Robin Adams from Chimp Answers who also is THE Mailchimp expert.


Technology – Web, Communications, IT

Want help setting yourself up at home so you can work effectively?  Talk to Richard from Tanswell Technology


Dan Harrison has offered to talk through any technical support with building web pages, quick membership sites or an online shop.  You can get hold of Dan WordPress Doctors


If you want to see where you can cut costs.  Charlie Radclyffe will look at your communications, CRM, phone systems and find you savings.  As long as it’s communications and not energy he can help!


If all your people need to work from home and are unable to answer the phones, Wendy and her team can answer them for you.

If it’s a huge expense to arrange remote working for your team, or if they are ill or self-isolating, we can be ready to take your calls for you in a couple of hours.

Wendy is waiving any set up fees, contracts etc…it’s to cover you so your business will still run without you. As soon as you’re back in your office, this arrangement can cease without any notice period.  They are also being flexible with payment terms.

Call Wendy on 01603 513111 


FREE CRM During this period one of the things you may be considering is sorting out that database!  Our friends at Macanta have given FREE access to its brand new CRM software which you can access here


Thinking about using Video as another or alternative income stream but you’re put off by the tech, fear or don’t know where to start?  Maybe you just want some advice on content then talk to John Peddie who’s also offering free support.


Money & Cashflow

Choice Business Loans Blog – A great “live” resource on the financial support being made available, what to do and how to apply.  They are keeping this as up to date as possible as more information becomes available.

Liz Baranov from Baranov Associates are great accountants.  Whilst they can’t give specific advice to non-clients they are able to offer a second opinion and be sounding board on all things tax / cash/ accounts

Lesley Howes aka The Trusted Car Lady has a list of the major lease providers if you want to communicate with them regarding payment holidays on car leases etc.  She is also in touch with specialist lenders who can provide a sale and lease back service to get cash into the business if you own your own car. Contact Lesley at The Car Network or 01428 707993

Please share!

We truly are blown away by all these offers of help and support from our community.  Please share this page with anyone you may feel needs it.  The more we share, the better we’ll be!