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Leadership Development Programmes

Changing the World One Leader at a Time

Because I’m part of Learning Management International UK, I’m able to offer world class leadership programmes to you and your team.

LMI has been operating since 1966. It operates in 80 countries and has delivered lasting change to over 2 million clients around the globe with programmes being translated into 26 different languages.

In short, there’s nothing better if you’re serious about developing real leadership within your organisation.

Leadership in today’s world continues to evolve. There’s huge demand for skilled effective leaders to meet the challenges of technological change. More and more organisations are looking to develop their own leaders from within, creating a team that is able to meet these changing demands.

At LMI we’re not interested in theories and principles. We’re committed to supporting behavioural shifts throughout your organisation for anyone in or aspiring to be in a leadership role.

LMI uses a time-proven methodology of multi-sensory delivery and spaced repetition-based learning alongside expert coaching to create long lasting behavioural and attitude change.

The programmes are delivered in both hard copy and digital formats, face to face and online. We work with your organisation to develop the leadership and management qualities necessary to achieve your goals.

The LMI programmes together are designed as a Total Leader © Solution. Each programme can also be undertaken individually, catering for the individual need of the client. This enables our clients to develop the consistent quality and quantity of leaders to meet the current and future leadership requirements of their organisation.

The brochures below can give you more information about each programme.


Effective Personal Productivity


Effective Personal Leadership


Effective Motivational Leadership


Effective Strategic Leadership

The Making of a Champion (MOC) course helps support and develop young people to their full potential. The course aims to give the participant a mental framework within which to develop positive, structured thinking to help support them into work, training or skills development. The regular exchange of ideas amongst the participants plays a major role in motivating the participants within the group.


The Making of a Champion

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