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My speaking career started when I was at primary school and addressed the odd assembly and has since led me to international stages as well as major business and entrepreneurial events.

I’m now a judge for the London-based Express Speakers Club, and I am proud to have been named 2017 Corporate Speaking Challenge winner.

When I speak, I draw on my 33,000 hours of experience as a professional tennis coach and the lessons I’ve drawn from that to help business owners transform their businesses and lives.

Storytelling is at the heart of all good speaking, and as a speaker I use candid stories from my own life to bring to life the points I’m making. I’m open and honest about all my failures and setbacks as well as my successes, and always put my audience at ease.

My goal when I speak is to have at least one person experience an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment, to realise they’re really not alone, and to see that if I can do it, then maybe so can they.


Some of the topics I can cover at your event…

  • Choosing goals that motivate you
  • Keeping going in your business to achieve the success you want
  • Crafting a business and life you want — and how to get there

How to book me…

Just contact me to find out about my fee for speaking at your event and the full range of topics I can explore with your audience.


Ash is the winner of the 2017 Corporate Speaking Challenge.