My speaking career started in front of assemblies of hundred’s of primary school children and has progressed to international stages.  It has led to entrepreneurial events sharing the stage with the likes of Dr Joanna Martin, Nigel Botterill, Daniel Priestley, Michael E Gerber and Steve Wosniak.

I’ve been a regular judge for London based Express Speakers Club and was winner of the 2017 corporate speaking challenge.


I speak regularly at local and regional business clubs, national networking events and business expos.

I also speak regularly in local secondary schools, helping bring the world of work to young people and sharing my entrepreneurial stories

My talks include subjects such as:

  • How to Win at Business – content from my best selling book, Hitting the Wall
  • Why you’re doing the wrong job in your business
  • How attitude is a choice
  • Understanding your real value as a business owner

I’m often asked to speak on subjects outside of these areas and am happy to pull something together to suit your audience.


Amazing ability to impact an audience

If you are looking for an inspiring, entertaining and experienced speaker, look no further. Ash has this amazing ability to really impact an audience with his keynotes from the first word spoken. Ash is a true gentleman, and certainly one of the most charming and charismatic speakers in the UK. JUST BOOK HIM, can't recommend Ash highly enough. Your audience/conference attendees will thank you for it

He certainly aced it!

I've just had the opportunity to hear Ash speak for the first time at our daughter's schools Year 11 & 13 Presentation Evening & he certainly aced it. I'm sure the rest of the audience enjoyed Ash's words & both our daughters were talking about what he'd said on our journey home & quoting back what he'd said. If he's this good for 15-20 minutes I'm sure he'd be brilliant in an all-day workshop or training setting. Thanks Ash, you did great!

In the safe hands of a great speaker

This was a great day in the safe hands of a great speaker.  Ash was an engaging, informative leader who speaks from experience and it shows!  Ash ALWAYS adds value.

He gave a great outline of context and adopted a holistic approach – this is about our lives, not just our businesses.

He helped us all explore where and why we’re doing well and where we could benefit from focussing our attention.

There were tons of practical examples and stories, some excellent reminders of techniques I need to resurrect as well as some great new ideas and information too.

Thank you, this has been a great day – helpful and useful.

Totally summed up where I am

That was great! Totally summed up where I am and made me feel much better about the fact that this ‘growing a business’’ stuff takes time.  When you hear inspiring stories from amazing people, you can start to wonder why it’s taking you so long to do it yourself! Thanks Ash.

A truly inspirational message

That was a truly inspirational message and a very simple one for us to get our heads around. I’ve taken three golden nuggets away.  Massive thanks!

Probably the best talk I have ever been to

Probably the best talk I have been to.  Ash was fantastic, my brain was receptive for this and totally got so much from this with lots of things I can start.

The unique ability to influence and inspire others

Ash is passionately driven to help other business owners and is a 'sharer' when it comes to his great knowledge and insights.

He's a superb communicator and has the unique ability to influence and inspire others, especially with his outstanding public speaking skills.

He makes things seem so possible and so simple, and is able to motivate and keep people going, when the going can get tough... He doesn't beat beat about the bush and always 'keeps it real'. No unnecessary fluff or pretentiousness.


They're buzzing!

Hi Ash,

Thank you so much for your time this morning.  It was really inspirational and the students are buzzing about it - especially your no.1 fans - Dylan and Felicity!

It really is a great experience for the students to hear about "real life" businesses from a local entrepreneur, so I'm very grateful to you.

Engaging, humorous and thought provoking

We wish the talk had been longer. It was really engaging, humorous and thought-provoking. It was the perfect balance – a bit about your background, a bit about your business and a bit about what others can learn from your experience. I particularly liked the DVD idea! Persistence and hard work pay off. Thank you very much!