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"honest, insightful and encouraging"

The 90 minutes spent talking to Ash has quite literally been the catalyst that has moved the focus and therefore the course of my business with positive effect.

Before the call, I considered I was doing well. However, after talking to Ash at length I feel supercharged! I came away with three pages of notes and reformatted those into a list of bullet points. Those bullet points have now formed an action plan that will guide me for the rest of this year and beyond.

I thought I knew what I wanted to achieve – but I was only touching the service of what can be achieved with the right guidance. Ash is honest, insightful and encouraging. He enables you to ‘play to your strengths’ – but, the best part – he helps you identify what those strengths are.

I came away really believing in myself and what could be achieved. Even if I only actioned half of what he proposed, my business potential and opportunities will improve.

Ash sees what you can’t. He listens, explores and questions – then backs his proposals for change with experiential evidence you can identify with. That’s important, as too often we think “Yes, but that’s them, I’m me!”.

By sharing his experience and his wisdom Ash has shifted my mentality from a freelancer to a business owner. And it’s changed my approach and attitude completely. (For the better!)

"I wouldn't be where I am today, not even close"

Without Ash's help I simply wouldn't be where I am today. Not even close.

When I met Ash I was still working a part time job, desperate to go full time self employed but also terrified of making the step. While it was always going to be a risk I feel like Ash got me to a stage where it didn't seem so scary and instead of being a giant leap of faith, it was more like a natural step.

With Ash's great combination of positive encouragement and straight talking motivation I very quickly achieved 'full capacity' as self employed and quickly moved on to registering my limited business. Owning a business is always a back and forth journey but Ash has kept me on course time and time again ... ensuring the overall progress is always onwards and upwards.

There are a lot of 'business coaches' out there who talk a big talk but many are really only in it for themselves. Ash is one of the few who I can genuinely say has my interest at the front of his mind at all times.

He really knows his stuff and he's got the personality and delivery that actually makes me want to listen and take note. I'm careful who I listen and who I ask for advice but

I always know Ash is there to give me the answer I don't necessarily want, but definitely need.

"I am now buzzing with ideas of how to enhance my new start-up business"

I was fortunate enough to attend a networking event last week in which Ash gave a fantastic presentation on 'The single most important thing you can do to improve sales'.

I left the event feeling so inspired, so much so, I put into action his key takeaways within 24 hours and booked in a free 30 minute call with him via his website to continue the conversation. After the 30 minute phone call I am now buzzing with ideas of how to enhance my new start-up business in terms of branding, marketing and sales.

Thank you Ash for your time and support, I could not recommend going to one of his presentations or giving him a call, enough. Thanks Ash 🙂

"Ash holds you to account (in the nicest possible way)"

I have engaged Ash as a coach on several occasions and have no doubt I will do so again in the future. Ash has an excellent ability to see right to the core of an issue and assist you in finding solutions. Importantly, he is a great listener, is supportive and, having been in business himself, understands the issues I face. Ash is a 'people person' and has real empathy. Always encouraging, Ash holds you to account (in the nicest possible way) and has supported me, and my team, in considering our short- and long-term goals! I would highly recommend Ash if you want a coach to help you achieve them. Very importantly he is a thoroughly lovely bloke, if you can put aside his love of QPR! 😉

"transformed the way that I think about my business"

I was lucky enough to work with Ash on a 1-2-1 coaching session and it was an afternoon that really transformed the way that I think about my business. Although in a 7-year-old business, I was only 4 months in myself, and working with Ash really focussed me. I'd never tried business coaching before, but Ash's approach is knowledgeable, passionate and firm enough to make you realise that the dream you want to reach really can become a reality. We have now set goals for our business that we really hold ourselves to and have a much clearer idea of what we can achieve. Thanks Ash and I look forward to working together again.

"just enough to push me out of my comfort zone and move forwards"

I've known Ash for a very long time through my previous career, but it was only recently when I was puzzling over some classic start-up issues in my business that I worked with him professionally. He is thoughtful, perceptive and just the right level of challenge - in other words, just enough to push me out of my comfort zone and move forwards! He gives great practical advice combined with a very perceptive approach to understanding your challenges. Hugely valuable and well worth it

"I'm really buzzing now"

Just had a cracking morning with Ash Taylor sorting my goals and vision for the future.  I'm really buzzing now and would highly recommend you all taking up this offer if you haven't done so already!

"Ash has time and time again given me a perspective I didn’t know existed"

The first thing that strikes you about Ash is a feeling of calm, kindness and that here’s a thinker.   If like me you struggle with growing your business and you feel all over the place but, you know you things could be better there is no better person to talk to.

Sometimes in business things go wrong and when you’re stuck in it it’s hard to see a way through.

Ash has time and time again given me a perspective I didn’t know existed.   This is an invaluable gift

"uncanny ability to rise above the noise and get straight to what really matters"

Ash has an uncanny ability to rise above the noise and get straight to what really matters.

If you need a fresh perspective, you need to speak to Ash.

"needed some clarity on how to change my business model"

Ash was my automatic go-to person when I needed some clarity on how to change my business model.

Within an hour, I could see a clearer route to MY goals – and that was the significant thing, it was my goals and ideas of what success would look like for me that we got to grips with, not someone else’s view.

Ash’s real gift was showing me I was not thinking big enough, that small thinking was getting in the way and that there was a way of thinking BIG that didn’t mean sacrificing everything else and getting bogged down in an 80 hour week.  Slept like a baby for the first time in weeks knowing I had a clear plan for action! Thanks Ash.

"help taking it to the next level..."

If you want to get a helicopter view of your business and you want someone to facilitate that to help take it to the next level, go see Ash!

"I've gone from being a rabbit in headlights to feeling in control"

With Ash, you get something real and different.

He gets you to enjoy and appreciate each step of the journey.

He understands where you are straight away.  He’s great at getting straight to the challenges you're shying away from and supporting you to implement them in your business.  Most importantly he goes out of his way to ensure that his passion translates into his interactions with you.

Ash has been there and done it and knows what it feels like to run and grow a business.

I've gone from being a rabbit in headlights to feeling in control.  I couldn't do it without Ash.

"Ash has the ability to see things in your business that you never knew were there"

Ash has the ability to see things in your business that you never knew were there.

Even on our first meeting I came away with numerous new plans to put into action.

"Ash has a knack for helping you sort out the jumble of thoughts in your head"

Ash has a knack for helping you sort out the jumble of thoughts in your head into definite goals and a plan to get there. Not sure how he does it; my goals are not only bigger than I originally thought but feel more achievable too and the rabbit in headlights feeling has gone.

If you need help figuring out how to get where you want or even where you're going, and need someone to keep you accountable whilst cheering you on, Ash is the man you need.

"got to the root of the problem"

Kehorne recently made excellent use of a few hours with Ash who insightfully got to the root of the problem we were experiencing.

We worked out a new strategy that was not overly complicated and easily implemented.  We can thoroughly recommend Ash

Mastermind [back to top]

"helping me overcome my biggest barrier (me)"

I'd considered working in the past with Ash, but timing never worked out... but at the end of 2017, it all slotted into place and I joined one of his Mastermind Groups - and it was a fantastic decision. The Mastermind concept worked fantastically, and Ash's own credibility and insight were the perfect driving force for the group. I've renewed again for 2019 (which is a recognition of the help I've received), and Ash's (and the group's) belief in me and my abilities is helping me overcome my biggest barrier (me) and succeed. A coach is individual to you and so Ash's style may not mesh with your own... BUT... I guarantee that having an introductory chat with him will be hugely valuable, and if you feel the fit is right - go for it!

"works to very high standards, but he's also a lot of fun"

Ash is not your average business coach. He hasn't just left a corporate role, taken some coaching courses, and positioned himself as an expert: he's got where he has the hard way. His extensive background as a hands-on tennis coach means he knows how to deliver effective coaching, at every level. His experience as the owner of a business with multiple moving parts means he can genuinely understand, and empathise with, his clients' highs and lows. Since I've been working with Ash — including as a member of one of his mastermind groups — the difference he's made to my business and to my confidence in my ability to succeed has been tremendous. He's a man of the highest integrity who works to very high standards, but he's also a lot of fun and just one of the nicest people you'll ever do business with.

"get more from my business without burning out"

In just a few months in Ash's mastermind group, I've gained some valuable insight into my strengths and weaknesses in my business. Ash and the group have been encouraging me to let go some of the pressure I put myself under and help me get more from my business without burning out. Ash has a knack of bringing together interesting, warm and genuine people in his events and mastermind groups, which means you end up with new friends as well as useful business contacts who genuinely want to help you succeed. Ash uses his extensive coaching experience to help you with your personal and business mindset... as these two factors are usually what hold business owners back from the success they want. In the mastermind group, we're all seeing big changes in each other as we learn to adopt new habits... Without the group, I know we wouldn't be seeing such growth in ourselves (and the naturally positive effect on our businesses too).

"laid the foundations to build a solid business"

Sometimes when your business and life are running at “A million miles per hour” it’s impossible to take your eyes off the road and relax. The constant Yo-Yo from one thing to another is exhausting and produces a complete lack of focus. Ash Taylor fixes this. I’ve had the pleasure of knowing and working with Ash Taylor for over two years and during that time he has helped me, and my business more than I thought was possible. His results focussed and mindset approach has laid the foundations to build a solid business that gives me what I want from it. Ash makes things seem very clear, achievable and most importantly, implemented. I’d highly recommend booking a call with Ash and seeing how he can help grow your business.

"can dig out your blind-spots ten paces before you can"

Challenging the status quo is what Ash is good at. Having worked with Ash consistently over the last four years has been nothing short of an excellent business coach who can dig out your blind-spots ten paces before you can. If you are after a business coach who thinks outside the box with questions to challenge you means that it’s a good sign of helping you grow way beyond where you are to get to a targeted growth of a consistent £10k per month. What he has done for me and my business, I cannot thank Ash highly enough, and would highly recommend others to him without hesitation.

"4000% increase in profit in 18 months"

I was going to say that the value that Ash has given to my business is incalculable, but then I thought, "no! it's entirely calculable" and stands at a 4000% increase in profit in 18 months. The stats and bank balance don't lie. Thank you, Ash

"teasing out of you the very best "you" you can be"

Having had Ash facilitate a Mastermind group I was part of I can say only one thing: DO IT!

He's very adept at getting you to face the issues, which may not be the issues you feel are actually the problem, but invariably are.

He's like an expert chat show host, with a business brain, teasing out of you the very best "you" you can be!

"fantastic input from both Ash and the other entrepreneurs around the table"

I recently attended one of Ash's Mastermind groups which gave me some fantastic input from both Ash and the other entrepreneurs around the table.

It was as if I had my own highly creative board drawn from a wide variety of industries to give unique and innovative solutions to my business challenges!

Speaking [back to top]

"the unique ability to influence and inspire others"

I've had the pleasure of knowing Ash now for around 6-7 years.

He has always been passionately driven to help other business owners and is a 'sharer' when it comes to his great knowledge and insights.

He's a superb communicator and has the unique ability to influence and inspire others, especially with his outstanding public speaking skills which I was duly impressed with.

What I like most about Ash, is that he is very real, non-snotty, and genuinely wants to help SME's move forward in sizeable steps that are achievable. He's a normal bloke that's doing very great things. He makes things seem so possible and so simple, and is able to motivate and keep people going, when the going can get tough... He doesn't beat beat about the bush and always 'keeps it real'. No unnecessary fluff or pretentiousness.

If you're in business - I would highly recommend associating yourself with this man!

On top of that, he's just a nice guy to be around.

They're buzzing!

Hi Ash,

Thank you so much for your time this morning.  It was really inspirational and the students are buzzing about it - especially your no.1 fans - Dylan and Felicity!

It really is a great experience for the students to hear about "real life" businesses from a local entrepreneur, so I'm very grateful to you.

Best wishes, Alison

"engaging, humorous and thought-provoking"

We wish the talk had been longer. It was really engaging, humorous and thought-provoking. It was the perfect balance – a bit about your background, a bit about your business and a bit about what others can learn from your experience. I particularly liked the DVD idea! Persistence and hard work pay off. Thank you very much!

"I have come away with some great ideas"

Excellent talk.  Well-presented and I have come away with some great ideas.  I’m looking to implement these as soon as possible.  Thanks!

"loved the delivery of the talk and the content was really helpful"

Really fabulous. I loved the delivery of the talk and the content was really helpful – I got lots of nuggets to take away.

"Probably the best talk I have been to"

Probably the best talk I have been to.  Ash was fantastic, my brain was receptive for this and totally got so much from this with lots of things I can start.

"truly inspirational message"

That was a truly inspirational message and a very simple one for us to get our heads around. I’ve taken three golden nuggets away.  Massive thanks!

"Totally summed up where I am and made me feel much better"

That was great! Totally summed up where I am and made me feel much better about the fact that this ‘growing a business’’ stuff takes time.  When you hear inspiring stories from amazing people, you can start to wonder why it’s taking you so long to do it yourself! Thanks Ash.

"a holistic approach – this is about our lives, not just our businesses"

This was a great day in the safe hands of a great speaker.  Ash was an engaging, informative leader who speaks from experience and it shows!  Ash ALWAYS adds value.

He gave a great outline of context and adopted a holistic approach – this is about our lives, not just our businesses.

He helped us all explore where and why we’re doing well and where we could benefit from focussing our attention.

There were tons of practical examples and stories, some excellent reminders of techniques I need to resurrect as well as some great new ideas and information too.

Thank you, this has been a great day – helpful and useful.

"Other people talk a good talk but living it is the real deal"

Ash’s own stories added a lot to the content.  Other people talk a good talk but living it is the real deal by helping to show everyone it can be done.  Thank you, Ash!

"very easy to digest"

Ash has a clear passion for his subject and genuinely wants to help people and this comes across in his delivery.  His self-deprecating style and dry humour and stories made his content very easy to digest.  An apparently seamless presentation takes a lot of work, Ash made it look easy.

"awesome content"

This talk was full of awesome content.  I will review everything I do and decide to “Do it, Delegate it or stop doing it”

"Ash’s ideas and methods are really interesting"

What a fantastic talk.  I need some sort of organisation in my business and life and Ash’s ideas and methods are really interesting.  I will move forwards now I just need the discipline to implement!

"pulled together in an easily digestible and implementable way"

What a brilliant talk.  Not loads of new material but pulled together in an easily digestible and implementable way that was very entertaining as well.  10/10

"lots of nuggets and great things to take away"

Ash was fantastic.  He gave very practical and useful advice with lots of nuggets and great things to take away.  A true professional

"I feel better equipped to take my business forward"

This was a great talk with lots to think about and three or four things to implement immediately.  I feel better equipped to take my business forward.

"good tempo and very enthusiastic"

I enjoyed the talk and it was very relevant to business; Ash was great, good tempo and very enthusiastic.

"he certainly aced it"

I've just had the opportunity to hear Ash speak for the first time at our daughter's schools Year 11 & 13 Presentation Evening & he certainly aced it. I'm sure the rest of the audience enjoyed Ash's words & both our daughters were talking about what he'd said on our journey home & quoting back what he'd said. If he's this good for 15-20 minutes I'm sure he'd be brilliant in an all-day workshop or training setting. Thanks Ash, you did great!

"certainly one of the most charming and charismatic speakers in the UK"

If you are looking for an inspiring, entertaining and experienced speaker, look no further. Ash has this amazing ability to really impact an audience with his keynotes from the first word spoken. Ash is a true gentleman, and certainly one of the most charming and charismatic speakers in the UK. JUST BOOK HIM, can't recommend Ash highly enough. Your audience/conference attendees will thank you for it

Workshops [back to top]

"you're always going to learn something from one of Ash's events"

Ash's events are always high energy, interesting and exceptionally motivating. You know you're always going to learn something from one of Ash's events, and that's why I invest the time in going to them!

"helpful and insightful, without being judgemental!"

Ash is a great presenter and motivator. Always helpful and insightful, without being judgemental! His workshops are outstanding – You are guaranteed to learn something new every time... it is always something you can act immediately on to improve your business or yourself. Thanks very much Ash!

"plenty of material that I could resonate with"

I thought this talk was brilliant.  There was plenty of material that I could resonate with and I have already acted on such as removing two email accounts from my phone

This was an excellent day, thank you.

"helped me to re-focus on the important activities"

Thanks for your input and effort today Ash; a good succinct compilation of ideas and your experience.  It’s helped me to re-focus on the important activities I should be doing (and not).  Ash is obviously very comfortable on his feet in front of a relatively large group which made the day very enjoyable.  A great talk, cheers.

"I took so much from this that I can implement"

I took so much from this that I can implement in my working day; thank you Ash

"I’ve learned so much"

Today has been invaluable.  I’ve learned so much and want to lock myself away for a day and put everything into place.  Absolutely loved it, thank you! Ten out of ten!

"some of the most useful insights I've had"

I attended a course run by Ash last week, and thought it was absolutely brilliant - some of the most useful insights I've had in the 6 years I've been a member of the EC. I came away with so many good ideas to implement in my business, both nuggets that can be implemented straight away and long-term changes that need to happen. Hugely inspirational