The Business Clubhouse

As a local business owner, you may well be looking for new ideas, inspiration and energy, and Ash Taylor’s Clubhouse could be just the place for you. You may already have heard about us, as our client events are creating quite a buzz locally – you should check us out to see if we can give you the support you are looking for.

As well as all the online support, we meet locally each month (dates at the bottom of the page) to share business ideas and success stories, as well as working through a core theme to help you focus your business thinking. These themes are usually presented by experts in their field.  It’s not networking – this is about sharing success strategies and practical hands-on advice on how to make stuff happen in your business.

What is guaranteed is, if you put in 100% commitment you will:


  • Develop your mindset
  • Get (the right) stuff done
  • Be clear on your role in your business and how to fulfil it
  • Know your product and your customers
  • Improve your marketing results
  • Understand your numbers
  • Build an efficient team – recognising when to outsource and who to

What is the Business Clubhouse?

It’s our first-step Business Growth programme where you get Ash working with you, coaching you, helping and supporting you towards the achievement of your business goals.

Ash runs every session, answers every question, shares all his business expertise and tens of thousands of hours of coaching experience.  He is joined by experts in Sales, Marketing, Numbers, People, etc who will deliver engaging, thought provoking and practical workshops to help you.

Here’s how it works:

  • You’ll be part of a group of like-minded, and ambitious business owners
  • You’ll get to know each other well in the group.  The goal is to build a close-knit community.  You’ll be supporting each other between meetings as well as in session.
  • Most importantly, you’ll help hold each other accountable. You’ll get more (of the right) stuff done and accelerate your progress towards where you want to be by being in The Clubhouse.
  • Membership kicks off by mapping out where you are now, and where you want to be. Not just your business goals. Your life goals. Complete clarity.  For you.

Without knowing where you’re going, you’ll never know if you’re going anywhere.

Get Ash in your business

Let’s be honest, there are very few places where you can get access to anything like this kind of support and assistance.  If you’re anything like most people you’ll have skipped to the end to see how much it costs by about now and you’ll know we’re offering a hell of a lot, for not very much.

But there are four more reasons why The Clubhouse is even more compelling to any business owner with drive:


What we’ve learned over the years is that to grow any business, you must grow the business owner.  The biggest part of any individual’s journey and success is about their personal growth and there’ll be lots of that for you in The Clubhouse.

You’ll get lots of coaching help and support from Ash.  Why does that matter?  Ask yourself this question.  When you’ve wanted to improve an existing skill, for example, tennis, you engage a coach to help you.  Having a coach to help you improve your business skills is no different.

You’ll be getting a coach who has spent over 40,000 hours developing athletes and business owners to be the best they can be.  And more.  You’ll be getting a no nonsense, no bullshit approach.  You’ll be able to draw on the experience of someone with business successes (and a failure) behind them — someone who’s been there and slept in the T-shirt.  You’ll be getting someone who genuinely cares about your success.


“Who you hang around with matters…”

Community is part of who we are.  It drives our decisions and defines our social and moral attitudes.

As a Clubhouse member you’ll be part of a group of select business owners who will forge a strong, supportive bond.  You’ll become part of a proper community.  One with a tribal sense of belonging and a pride in being part of something that’s having such a positive impact on ALL the member businesses. 

The Clubhouse is a community that helps and supports each other, that celebrates each other’s successes. A community that you can rely on – and that will believe in you.

You can expect to become part of something special that will tangibly help you and your business to grow.


This is huge for many people.  One of the main challenges for business owners is that they don’t get enough done.  Finished.  Completed.  They get scared. Nervous. Stuck even – especially when faced with big plans.

Being a member of The Clubhouse will help you significantly with this. You’ll be held accountable by both Ash and the rest of the group.  There are always things that you know you could be doing to drive success, but you get immersed in doing the things you think you should do or can do because they’re easier.  You’ll help keep each other on track and hold each other to account with Ash’s support.


As a member of The Clubhouse, you can expect the growth of your business to accelerate over the next twelve months.  Your sales and your profits will go up. Don’t take our word for it though.  Head over to our testimonial pages where you can read about other business owners like you, who have benefited from working with Ash. All the evidence from existing members is that you can expect a decent return on your investment.

Why join The Clubhouse?

It’s a great question! If we haven’t already convinced you, here’s a reminder, plus a few more reasons to join. But there are so many…

  • Access to a Business Coach
  • Learn from Experts
  • You’ll no longer feel you’re coping alone
  • Be more focused
  • Feel less stressed and anxious
  • Improve your marketing ‘know-how’
  • Recognise what needs to happen in your business and when
  • Learn to set goals
  • Learn to prioritise 
  • Improve your personal productivity 
  • Improve work-life balance


The Clubhouse makes a significant impact and is a great starting point for business owners who’ve never been part of a coaching programme before.

We recognise that The Clubhouse may not be for everyone and even at the ridiculously low investment of £99/month for The Clubhouse it makes sense that you try it out first.

With that in mind we invite you to “test drive” a session before you invest.  All you need to do is book onto the next meeting and turn up.  We’ll do the rest.  There is a fully refundable deposit of £5 to cover costs if you don’t turn up on the day.  This will be refunded or donated to our charity partner Rennie Grove Hospice Care, if you prefer. 

Upcoming Dates

January 16th
February 13th
March 19th
April 23rd
May 21st
June 10th – our summer event
July 16th
August 13th
September 17th
October 15th
November 12th
December 9th – our Winter event & Christmas dinner!