The Race to £10k Business Growth Programme


There’s a point at which you go from being your business to having a business. This point is often the VAT threshold. Rather than see it as a barrier let’s smash through it and beyond.

The truth is that many self-employed people would be better off in a job. Better pay, more holidays and more flexibility! Your business can have an impact. On you, your family and your customers. To do that, you need to add value. This is recognised in the form of VAT.

You’re seen to have a proper business, that works. You’ll see things differently as well. The business becomes less about you and more about fulfilling your customer’s needs.

Do you want to own a business or own a job that gives you minimum pay, minimum holidays and maximum stress?

Who is it for?

The Race to £10k Business Growth Programme is for the ambitious and resourceful who want more time, more freedom and more profit.

Over six-months you’ll get the confidence, skills and resources to achieve your first £10k month. You’ll be part of a collaborative environment of other ambitious business owners.

You’ll establish your business as one that adds value to your customers, your community and your family.

You’ll discover:

  • how to position your service so that it moves you away from a time for money model
  • how to shift your thinking so you behave like the owner of a business, not be the business
  • the best ways to understand your market and how to reach it effectively
  • what’s involved in selling your service, so it makes you a profit and serves those who buy it
  • all you need to know about the all-important numbers that drive your business forward, so you can make better decisions and stay informed
  • how to make the best use of your time and be productive so you get the right stuff done in less time

Combined together, this content will accelerate you towards building a business that works for you.

It’s not based on theory. It’s based on real-life principles that I’ve used myself to build three businesses to beyond £10k/month within a year.

These are the same principles that helped Tom and John do the same.

They’re not alone. They’re amongst dozens who have had the same results – you could be part of that growing community too.

“Without Ash’s help I simply wouldn’t be where I am today. Not even close. When I met Ash, I was still working a part time job, desperate to go full time self-employed but also terrified of making the step.
With Ash’s great combination of positive encouragement and straight talking motivation I very quickly achieved ‘full capacity’ as self-employed and quickly moved on to registering my limited business.
Ash always has my best interests at the front of his mind. He knows his stuff and has the personality and delivery that makes me want to listen and act.”

Amy Hill, Backstage Business Support

The Race to £10k Programme involves six full days of learning and implementation in a central London location.

You won’t just be learning but taking action. You’ll be pushing your comfort zone and making changes that matter. Learning without taking action is pointless.

This programme is about helping you make the changes you need to make to take your business and your life to a better place.


  • Be part of a like minded community supporting each other to achieve similar goals
  • Access to a private Facebook group with interviews with experts on the psychology of running a business, numbers, sales, marketing and much more

We want you to succeed and give you every opportunity to achieve your goal. This programme comes with a cast iron guarantee. We promise If you do the work, you will get your £10k month within the duration of the programme. If not, simply attend the next one at no extra charge.

The fee for the full programme is just seven payments of £300 + VAT or one payment of £2000 + VAT.

You’ll also get:

  • access to the £10k Business Forum on FB – in fact, why not join now and get started?
  • membership of our The Clubhouse membership site for a full year, worth £360
  • attendance at future programmes if you miss sessions or just want to attend again
  • significant reductions on fees for Ash’s Mastermind and 1:1 programmes

Get involved in the Race to £10k programme today and start to build the business and life you promised yourself you would…